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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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are two escaped killers right under authority's noses? at this moment the search for the pair is focused just a few miles from the prison where they escaped. investigators have also confirmed a woman who works inside the prison was involved in the getaway plot. >> nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray has new developments in the search for killers on the run. >> reporter: much of the focus and fire power right now is on this wooded area about three miles from the clinton maximum security prison where we know police bloodhounds have hit on the scent of one or both of the escaped inmates. >> scary, so close to home. >> reporter: state police are now stationed along the roadway every hundred yards or so as heavily armed teams work through the thick trees and brush while choppers look for clues from the air. >> we are looking underneath every rock behind every tree and inside every structure until we catch these two. >> reporter: as investigators begin to piece together more information from inside the prison about how the men were able to escape.
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senior governmental officials confirm joyce mitchell the civilian instructor in the prison tailor shop planned to drive the getaway car for the men after their escape but as the plan started to unfold she got cold feet. >> she's from the country. she could be just a country girl that got sweet-talked by some city guy. >> reporter: sources say mitchell apparently initially agreed to help the convicted murderers because matt quote, charmed her and she thought it was love. jay gray, nbc 10 news. >> sources close to the investigation say mitchell will face charges for her alleged role in the escape but it's too early to know what those charges might be. a little later on jay gray will join us live to give us a closer look at the area where authorities are searching right now. now to your nbc 10 first alert weather today. hot and humid and it's going to feel even worse tomorrow. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back now with the big jump in temps and humidity. glenn? >> yeah.
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if we start getting a little bit warmer, a little bit more humid, our body can adjust to it a little better than this big jump we took from yesterday to today. that flag is indicating a southwest wind bringing in warmer air and more humid air. that's why there's a heat advisory in effect from noon to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow for the highly urbanized areas around philadelphia, and of course that means that it is going to be hotter and more humid, when you combine the two, the feels-like temperature will get to near 100 during the afternoon and we also have a possible heat wave if we hit 90 again on saturday. that will be a close call. we are in the low 90s now in most areas, even 82 in mt. pocono. 90 degrees in georgetown and in dover, delaware. as we go through the evening, the temperature's not going to drop as much with that wind continuing to bring up warm and humid air, so by 10:00, it's still 83 degrees. we'll see how hot it's going to
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get and when we are going to see a break from this heat with the seven-day in just a few minutes. we have new video and new information in from the scene of the accident in camden. a school bus hit a 13-year-old boy here on alabama road. originally authorities said it was a 3-year-old boy. now they say it's a 13-year-old teenager. authorities tell us that teen was playing with his sister when he dashed into the street and was hit by the bus. sky force 10 over the scene about an hour ago, just after it happened. crews rushed the teenager to the hospital. police tell us he was conscious and alert. new at 5:00 police caught a man they believe is behind a string of church arsons in bucks county. >> now police tell us this was just the beginning of the man's criminal escapades. nbc 10's deanna durante has more on the suspected one-man crime spree. >> reporter: he hangs his head low as he's taken into custody. police say the ex-con has been targeting this levittown neighborhood for months.
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>> very evil, really. mean. >> reporter: schools, churches and crosses. nbc 10 first showed you the damage inside and out of restoration church back in april. police say he's the guy who set it on fire. >> scary. >> horrible. >> reporter: barbara says she has been plagued with tire damage all spring and is grateful he is behind bars. >> we had him as a person of interest from the beginning of the arson fire and we were watching him. we were just trying to catch him doing something. >> reporter: police say it was tullytown officers who tracked him last night. >> he was driving around shooting at pedestrians with a bb gun. >> reporter: surrounded by police, he was arrested. >> during interviews with the detectives he admitted to everything he did, showed how he did stuff, but when we questioned him about why he did it he didn't have an answer. he doesn't know why he did it. he just did it. >> reporter: the church is part of a long list of victims as well as people here in the community. we also talked to residents who say they remember seeing this guy in their neighborhood and some wondered if he could have been behind the crime spree.
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>> i don't know why he would do that. obviously, he has some problems. >> reporter: debbie knows him. he was a schoolmate of a relative's. did you ever think he could be behind the vandalism? >> the thought was always in the back of our minds, but like i said you try to believe people when they try to be good. >> reporter: he served five years for kidnapping two kids back in 2008. he had a gun in that crime and police say he will be held on probation violation and arson charges, and more charges are coming because there are nearly three dozen victims. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. local fire chief is accused of sharing child pornography and now the veteran firefighter is sitting in a camden county jail. 44-year-old john terruso is the fire chief in audubon park camden county. he is being held on $150,000 bail this afternoon. investigators say the chief passed around illegal images to others using the fire department's computers. the state attorney general's
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office seized five computers and cell phones and they tell us they discovered more than 1,000 files containing child porn. >> we don't even know if it's true yet, okay? so at least let us get the facts straight, all right? >> one of the firefighters there reacting. authorities tell us the pictures were discovered by investigators checking a known predator site. today, the woman convicted of illegal buttocks injections learned how long she will sit in jail. this morning, padge windslowe received 10 to 20 years in prison. in march, windslowe was found guilty of killing a british woman after giving her an illegal butt injection at a hotel near philadelphia international airport. the low grade silicone that windslowe used in the injections traveled to the woman's lungs, killing her. windslowe had no formal medical training. now, her family left the jail today, left the courtroom
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without making any comment on what had happened. prosecutors told us they are pleased with the sentence that windslowe received. >> we are glad that we know that for the next ten years, that the black madam won't be killing any other girls on the streets of philadelphia. >> here you see some of the family members, the windslowe family members. they did not want to comment about the 10 to 20 year jail sentence today for padge windslowe. an update on a story first brought to you by the nbc 10 investigators. right now, new jersey's general assembly is considering legislation to toughen penalties for a prank known as swatting. it's when someone makes a call about an emergency that does not exist. paul moriarty was a victim of swatting. officers raced to his home after a call. the phone calls not only frighten innocent people but cost local police departments valuable time and money. new jersey lawmakers are also considering a package of bills to help atlantic city's
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finances, schools and casinos. the most important would let its eight casinos make payments on taxes for the next 15 years. right now, casinos get hit with a big bill or sometimes an increase at the end of each year. other legislation in consideration includes creating new state education aid just for atlantic city. now to the latest on the new effort to solve a missing person mystery that began 24 years ago at the jersey shore. a mobile command post will remain at cape may county park south through tomorrow. it's been here since last week. the goal is to generate new leads in the case of mark himebaugh. mark was 11 years old when he vanished from his middle township neighborhood in 1991. earlier this week authorities revealed a convicted pennsylvania sex offender is among several persons of interest in mark's case. police want to hear from anyone who may have seen thomas butcavage, jr. in cape may county during the late '80s or early '90s. some who knew butcavage believe there is a strong resemblance
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between him and the sketch you see here of a man who was seen talking to himebaugh shortly before the little boy vanished. to a call for fair school funding. it took center stage in chester, delaware, montgomery and philadelphia counties today. public school district superintendents, teachers and students calling on state leaders to adopt a fair and adequate funding formula for schools. pennsylvania one of just three states without it. the state also has the largest funding gap between wealthy and poor school districts. >> we have seen neighbors if they have the economic ability move to a school district hoping to outrun the crisis. we need a change that ties funding on the needs of school districts and to individual students. >> the basic education funding commission will release its recommendations for a new funding formula next week. the state legislature will need to vote and approve their findings in order for it to go into effect. big changes at springfield high school in delaware county
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could be decided just a few hours from now. the school board is expected to vote on a plan to replace the school. the plan calls for construction of a new springfield high on another part of the campus. could cost up to $150 million. tonight's meeting is set for 7:00. hundreds of drug convictions in question. tonight, delaware's former medical examiner takes responsibility for his role in a scandal at the state's drug testing lab. plus watch your wallet. police at the jersey shore say a slippery duo is working together to distract and steal. tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5:00," who they seem to be targeting. and it's been a long journey home for quasimodo after being left for dead he is now at his new owner's home in new jersey. don't miss the moment he met his new family. there are a lot of channels on your tv but only so many you want to watch what if you could pay for the types
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delaware's former chief medical examiner is accepting responsibility for his part in a scandal at the state drug testing lab. dr. richard tallory agreed to plead no contest to charges of official misconduct. he was fired last summer after delaware's drug lab was shut down because of evidence theft and tampering.
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it's jeopardizing drug convictions in hundreds of cases. pennsylvania's death penalty moratorium is being debated at the state capital today. today's hearing, the second of at least three. it comes a day after the divided house voted for a resolution critical of governor wolf's policy. the governor says he will issue a series of reprieves to inmates scheduled for execution until an overdue report on capital punishment is completed. the governor announced the moratorium a few months ago. a few people showed up today to rally outside the hearing. this comes after more than a dozen former prosecutors, judges corrections officers and others signed a statement applauding the governor's actions. now for the latest on preparing for the pope's visit. the archbishop and mayor nutter will be in rome together later this month. they will lead a delegation to finalize plans for the upcoming world meeting of families and papal visit. the group will meet with vatican officials to get updates about the event. it runs from september 22nd through september 27th.
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count on nbc 10 news to bring you live reports from the vatican during the delegation's visit and nbc 10's chris cato will be there as well. don't miss chris' live reports beginning june 21st. st. joe's prep in north philadelphia will host dozens of catholic students from across the country this week. they are here spreading the pope's message and tweeting up philadelphia all at the same time. they are part of catholic heart work camp. every morning this week they have been going out of the school with paint brushes and ladders in hand and heading to more than two dozen work sites. they are spending this week repairing people's homes as well as some local schools. >> we clean out the backyard because there were a lot of plants and we also painted the stairs and a wall inside and painted the table. >> our time here is like teaching people to be selfless and consider others around them even though their lives like are very different from ours. >> doing good work there. all of the work being done in
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the north philadelphia neighborhood shared by st. joe's prep. high honors for some local hoopsters. roman catholic high presented its basketball team with their state championship rings today. the squad finished with a 29-2 record captured the first state title in roman's 125-year history. philadelphia recognized the team in a ceremony at city hall earlier in the day. congratulations to them. you probably noticed it by now. >> all across our area people are dealing with the heat. you have to feel for the historic philadelphia re-enactors near independence hall today. they are sweating it out in those historically wool continental army uniforms. can you imagine? not a great day to do any job outside. one family from upstate new york says didn't expect this kind of heat when they planned their philly getaway. >> we didn't realize it would be this hot in june. we were watching the weather report before we came down yesterday. oh, yeah it's going to be a hot
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one. >> that it is. the mist coming off the fountain at franklin square combined with shady spots made it bearable but it really was tough in the direct sun. pretty hot out there, glenn. >> yeah, absolutely. if this was the middle of july the numbers for today wouldn't seem so bad but it's all relative. our bodies have to get adjusted to the heat. when it comes this quickly, they are not adjusting quickly enough. the heat advisory in effect for tomorrow because of that temperatures getting into the mid 90s, near record heat along with the higher humidity and a possible weekend thunderstorm which may seem like a bit of relief after this heat and humidity we see tomorrow. we've got a lot of sunshine out there now, little bit of hazy sunshine. 91 degrees, winds south-southwest at 13 miles an hour. the humidity's a little higher today, it was in the 30s yesterday, 40s today, probably 50s tomorrow.
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we're near 90 degrees, many parts of the area. 92 in bensalem is the warm spot. 81 in glassboro and in wilmington, also millville. at the shore, it has been considerably cooler. 88 degrees you saw there at atlantic city international and that is a good bit inland. right at the beaches, it's in the 70s. 77 in beach haven, 73 in avalon while it's 90 in woodbine. it's 90 in lewis, delaware and rehoboth beach because it's a land breeze for delaware but a sea breeze for new jersey. the ocean temperature right around average at 64. the heat advisory from noon to 8:00 p.m. for highly urbanized areas tomorrow. want to limit your activities get a lot of fluids during that period of time, as much shade as possible. only isolated storms are still well west of the lehigh valley
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and poconos. we will continue to track them over the next couple of hours. the future cast computer model seems to overdo this area of showers. it also went for much hotter temperatures for today so these are computer models this is not, you know not the bible. it's just the computer guidance that is coming out here. sometimes people take this a little too literally. now you can see that the wind is coming in off the ocean and that's going to keep the shore cooler once again tomorrow as we warm up into the 90s very quickly, and again, just some isolated afternoon showers or thunderstorms possible. you don't see much coverage there. remember it overdid showers and storms for today so you might assume it's going to do the same thing for tomorrow. so the threat is not very high. as we go into saturday this model really doesn't have much
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in the way of any kind of shower threat. so if we have any activity over the weekend, it seems pretty limited. there's a chance at the shore on saturday afternoon but there will be that big temperature difference again from the jersey shore at 78 degrees to the delaware beaches at 92. it's all about the wind direction. southwest wind does that but the east wind that i'm expecting on sunday should keep all the beaches into the 70s, even the delaware ones. that's a pretty big temperature drop there. in the poconos, temperatures in the 70s. just a chance of a shower or thunderstorm on saturday in the poconos. we have a little bit more comfortable air coming down from the north, going to put an end to whatever 90s that we're going to be seeing as we go into tomorrow and saturday. mostly clear and more humid tonight. 73 degrees for a low in philadelphia, 68 north and west. tomorrow another hot, humid day.
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hotter than today, more humid than today. only isolated late day storms, if that. then on saturday little better chance of some showers and storms but it's certainly not a washout. we may get to 90 plus again, making it an official heat wave. but no heat wave continuing into sunday. a little cooler and less humid air as the wind starts coming in off the ocean and then the shower threat goes back up early next week. >> not the heat but the drought out west. relief may be on the way for californians. they are simmering in the worst drought in state history. nearly 99% of the state is suffering from drought. it's taken a toll on agriculture, is limiting water usage for a lot of people. meteorologists believe el nino may be the key to reversing the parched conditions. experts say el nino will bring much needed rain this fall and it will stick around through the winter. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money to local nonprofit organizations. the project is called 21st
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century solutions. the goal is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application's on our website at eligibility requirements are also listed there. the deadline to apply is july 3rd. now hiring. where you can find hundreds of new jobs in south jersey. and can you spot what's wrong with this sign? the error that will cost one local county thousands.
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looking for work? 800 jobs up for grabs at a new shopping outlet in camden county. gloucester premium outlets will host a job fair tomorrow. it has positions in management sales and customer service. part-time and full-time workers are needed. the outlets have 90 stores. if you're interested, here's what you need to know. interviews take place tomorrow between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. at the camden county college, blackwood campus in the connector building between civic hall and the atrium on college drive. regulators are going after people who raise money through
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online sites but don't follow through on their promises. today, the federal trade commission announced a settlement against a man who raised $122,000 through a site called kickstarter. he was pushing a product that he claimed he made but the product never materialized. instead he used that money to pay his rent and then to move. the man was ordered to repay the money he took. next at 5:00 strip searching students? >> the local school district that says its policy is outdated and how they want to change it. plus -- >> watch your wallet. police in south jersey say this pair is working together to distract and steal. >> you can tell they're searching and trying to prey upon someone. >> who investigators say they seem to be targeting. then all new on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" an animal cruelty investigation surrounding a south jersey equestrian park. the disturbing discoveries uncovered at a recent rodeo. and what the park has to say about it.
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right now at 5:30 feeling the heat. temperatures climbed into the 90s and the humidity is making it feel even worse. >> let's check in with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn? >> yeah one of the places that's not feeling the heat we've got pictures you just showed out at cape may. their temperatures are in the
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70s. the phillies are not playing at home tonight. they are playing in pittsburgh tomorrow and it's going to be mighty hot out there. it will be mighty hot here as well. we have a heat advisory in effect from noon until 8:00 p.m. for the highly urbanized areas and that means limit your outdoor activities get plenty of fluids during that period of time. it's not all day. 91 degrees right now in philadelphia, 92 in northeast philly. 89 in mt. holly. 88, atlantic city international. but just a few miles away right at the beaches, it's in the 70s. we have been showing you that. 90 in dover and in georgetown. as we go through the evening, the temperature not really going to drop very quickly. it will stay in the 80s much of the evening and the humidity you're going to feel a little bit more humid out there and we'll see the combination, how hot it's going to get tomorrow and when thunderstorms might
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return with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> see you then. also tonight, watch your wallet. that's the warning tonight from police in atlantic county. >> they say a pair of crooks are working together to swipe your money and their crimes are caught on tape. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg has more. >> reporter: they will grab a basket as if they're going to shop for groceries but egg harbor township police say this woman and man are on a mission to distract and steal. >> they shouldn't be doing it. it's not fair to the patrons. >> reporter: this surveillance video from a local shop-rite shows the woman striking up a conversation with another shopper while the man looks for a way to swipe the victim's wallet from her purse. >> within minutes, they're leaving the store without buying anything. >> reporter: authorities believe the duo is responsible for at least three similar thefts over the past couple weeks in egg harbor township hamilton township and hammonton. police say it appears they're targeting elderly woman.
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>> when they walk in the store you can tell they're searching and trying to prey upon someone. >> reporter: at this point, investigators say they don't have a description of the type of car the two are using to get around. no one from areayzbm police departments has been able to figure out who the culprits are. >> i have a feeling they are not local. they could be from new york philadelphia or pennsylvania delaware. >> reporter: investigators say credit cards belonging to the victims were used to ring up hundreds of thousands of dollars in charges at other stores. >> my pocketbook is always in my hand, always. >> reporter: police are urging shoppers to be vigilant and want to hear from anyone who recognizes the couple. they say although the woman seems to change her appearance her m.o. each time with this guy has been the same. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> here is more video. we look at two guys who shot and robbed a philadelphia man after breaking into his house in fishtown. surveillance cameras outside the home on east first street
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captured the two sneaking in tuesday morning. once they got inside they shot the man who lives there once in each leg, then stole his phone, a knife and one dollar. the victim is in stable condition. you are asked to call philadelphia police if you have any information about this case. a warning tonight for joggers in delaware county. authorities want them to be on alert after a woman was attacked while running in upper chichester. she went out for a run along chichester avenue monday night. she says she realized a man was running behind her. eventually that man pushed her into a fence and fondled her before running off. opening statements began today in the cyberstalking trial of relatives of a man who murdered his former daughter-in-law. david matusiewicz, his mother and sister are charged with stalking david's ex-wife, christine belford. prosecutors say the three family members conspired for years to torment her with the intent to kill her. she and a friend were shot and
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killed by david's father thomas in 2013. thomas committed suicide during a gun battle with police after he shot the two women as they walked into the new castle county courthouse. his family denies knowing he was planning to kill belford. a veteran bus driver for lower merion school district suspended for hugging students. the driver was removed from his route earlier this year. in march the parents of a student called the school and said the driver was asking kids to give him hugs. the driver had been on the same bus route for 16 years, never had a complaint. he was ordered to undergo retraining. there will soon be more cameras on the streets of allentown. the city's surveillance program is growing and it's thanks to a partnership with several local businesses. the partners are donating $100,000 to pay for seven new cameras. those cameras will sit at intersections across the city. >> the cameras have been fantastic.
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in addition to our resources to prevent crime, identify and arrest individuals when crimes have occurred. >> allentown now has 144 cameras in its surveillance network. strip searching students should only be done by local police. that's what the majority of school board members say. the district's new school superintendent noticed the student search policy was dated. she called the board's lawyer. he recommends rewriting the policy specifying the strip searches will not be allowed on campus and that local police will be called in to deal with any situations. we are closer to seeing legal action over the famous shore phrase you just heard it, watch the tram car, please. the wildwoods doesn't want atlantic city to play its recording on the a.c. boardwalk. last week atlantic city officials told nbc 10 they would stop using the recording on monday but that still hasn't happened. now the wildwoods threatening
5:36 pm
legal action. bridge repair work in phoenixville, chester county is causing headaches for drivers. the borough manager is asking penndot to see if it can speed up the process. the route 23 bridge which spans pickering creek was closed in april and is not expected to reopen until november. the mayor is pushing to get it back open in september. that closure along with other construction projects going on is causing serious traffic congestion. the modern meter comes to radnor, delaware county. the township is debuting its high tech parking kiosks. there are 40 of them so the days of picking your pockets for quarters are coming to an end. just like the traditional meters, you can expect a ticket if you don't pay up. a misspelling will cost montgomery county about $4,000. >> county employee noticed the error on signs that began popping up all over recently. there are 26 of the new signs.
5:37 pm
this is outside the courthouse in norristown. take a look. you see the mistake? there is something missing. oops. >> oh, yeah. >> it's an m. commissioners is spelled with only one m here and it should have two. the county says it will take about ten days to fix all the signs. again, it will cost $4,000. >> they got the two ss in there. coming up a special honor for levittown's rosie the riveter. >> a bird napping has a store owner concerned. why the baby birds could be in danger if they're not found soon.
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welcome back.
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i'm vince lattanzio with this exclusive story. rosie the riveter now will be able to talk about her experiences with other women like herself at a special conference. she is there right now. tap on the nbc 10 app to find out how the kindness of one organization helped get her to the special riveter conference plus hear one of her favorite wartime stories that she loves to tell everybody right now on this digital exclusive story available on the nbc 10 app. jim? next how the phillies are joining the fight against domestic violence. plus why this local canine officer is being praised for saving an elderly man's life. glenn? today it was hot and it will get even hotter. what you need to know if you plan to spend any time outside. my first alert forecast is next. all new on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" new video in a cold case that goes back nearly a decade. what police are now focusing on and what the victim's family has to say about the new evidence.
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after a series of crimes involving athletes and domestic violence, professional sports teams are doing more to raise awareness about this issue. >> now the please havehillies have joined the cause. comcast sportsnet's amy fadool joins us. >> reporter: a new public service announcement campaign has been launched to say no more to domestic violence and sexual violence, similar to what the nfl did last fall. >> no more boys will be boys. >> no more what's the big deal? >> no more just the way he is. >> the new phillies psa includes manager ryne sandberg cody
5:44 pm
asche along with catcher carlos ruiz. it's similar to previous ads like this from last fall. the executive director of the pcadv said quote, she is pleased the phillies are standing with us as we work to end domestic violence and sexual assault, end quote. certainly it will bring a lot more light on the subject. renee? >> thank you, amy. police in salsbury township are searching for a bird burglar. employees at bird mania say 15 baby birds worth $9,000 were stolen tuesday night. they may be in serious danger. the owner of the shop says she noticed one of the baby birds on the floor when she arrived yesterday. she thought the bird had escaped from its cage. it wasn't until her husband went to the bathroom that they saw the broken window. the stolen birds include parakeets and conures, a type of parrot. >> didn't sleep last night because all i could picture was their little faces. we cuddle and hug and kiss them as we're going to feed them and
5:45 pm
they are the sweetest little things. >> she says she's worried about the birds' health. they are so young they still need to be hand-fed. if they're not they could die. some of the birds were already sold. a police k-9 in mercer county is getting lots of extra treats today. >> he was able to sniff out an 82-year-old man who vanished from his home in trenton yesterday. this is sheriff jack kemler and k-9 officer maverick there. police tell us the man who suffers from dementia disappeared from his house on morningside drive. maverick was able to track his scent through heavy brush right to the delaware river, more than 2,000 feet away. they found the man sitting chest high in the water. officers took him to the hospital to be checked out. he is doing fine and is back with his family tonight. a cheerful reunion in north jersey for a family and their puppy who has been through a lot of turmoil. >> michael george has the story of quasimodo's remarkable rescue and his journey home. >> reporter: quasimodo didn't have it easy.
5:46 pm
born with deformed front legs he had to crawl on his elbows to get around. then his owner decided he was too much trouble to keep. >> somebody dumped him out of a pickup truck on the side of the road and we obviously could see that his legs were deformed. >> reporter: but leanne hughes saw something special in him. he got the name quasimodo from the hunchback of notre dame deformed but with a big heart. >> he's big, he's silly. he doesn't know he's any different. but he's got a heart of gold. >> reporter: she started fund-raisers to help pay for his medical bills and the response was incredible. $5,000 donated for surgery to fix his leg. >> even people that don't meet him want to help him immediately. >> reporter: suddenly, the bow-legged dog no one wanted was hopping on a private plane for his surgery. >> this is john and keith from pittsburgh aviation rescue team. we have a very special passenger on board today. his name is quasimodo. >> reporter: after the procedure, volunteers from the
5:47 pm
pittsburgh aviation animal rescue team carried him out and he was reunited with his new family. like every dog, he wants to jump and run outside but he needs more time to recover. that's what the cast and booties are for. now he won't ever have to worry about being abandoned again. >> they love him. you can't not love him. >> that was wnbc's michael george reporting. we are told quasimodo will get those casts taken off in about five weeks. been through so much. >> i'm sure he wouldn't like the weather we have today. what about it glenn? getting any better? >> the dogs will be panting even more tomorrow if they're outside. may want to limit the time or go out earlier in the day because it's going to be mighty hot and humid. the heat advisory in effect from noon until 8:00 p.m. for the
5:48 pm
area. the record high for tomorrow is 95 and possible weekend thunderstorms, although the possibility not really high. certainly not going to be a washout either day. lot of sunshine out there today. 91 degrees, winds south-southwest at 13 miles an hour. seven degrees warmer than it was yesterday when we were 86 degrees. the official high today, 92. so we're going for 95 tomorrow and then 91 on saturday. of course if we hit 90 on saturday that would make it the first official heat wave of the season. 92 in northeast philly, 82 in mt. pocono. it is somewhat cooler closer to the jersey shore, but right at the beaches, it's a lot cooler. it's 75 degrees in north wildwood, 73 at cape may point. remember the pictures we showed you of cape may? that's 73 degrees out there. it's 73 in sea isle city while it's 82 just a few miles inland.
5:49 pm
75 in ocean city. 74, atlantic city marina. and then we are going to be seeing contrasts like that over the weekend as well. especially on saturday. tomorrow and saturday will feel like that at the shore. this is the area for the heat advisory, noon to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. the only showers and storms on the radar north and west of our north and west arrest. it's moving to the east so we'll see if it holds together as it gets closer to the poconos or lehigh valley. it will be probably at least another hour or two before it could get there. the future cast showing nothing more than an isolated shower or thunderstorm. as we go into tomorrow morning, it's starting off warm. 6:00 a.m., 78 degrees. then watch the temperature drops at the shore because of the sea breeze coming in and the temperature goes into the 90s
5:50 pm
before noon tomorrow. this model giving us 96 degrees, although it was too hot for what we had today. and just again, an isolated shower or storm possible during the day, and a little bit better chance on saturday but we're not seeing any kind of threats of widespread activity until early next week. so at the shore, we expect again just a chance of a shower or storm on saturday. there will be a big contrast from jersey beaches to the delaware beaches. jersey is much cooler with a southwest wind while the delaware beaches are pretty hot and with the east wind even the delaware beaches will be cool in the 70s on sunday. and temperatures down into the 70s in the pocono mountains on sunday as well. after just again, just a chance of a shower or storm on saturday. not really impressed with the threat this time.
5:51 pm
mostly clear, more humid tonight. 73 for a low in philadelphia. 68 north and west. tomorrow hotter and more humid than today. just isolated late day thunderstorms. high temperatures near about 95 which would be the record. and then it will feel like it's closer to 100 if you add in the humidity. there's that scattered thunderstorms on saturday. may get to 90 plus. we're not going to get anywhere near 90 plus on sunday with lower humidity. it should probably stay dry until early next week when the moisture starts to return. >> thank you, glenn. up next a man hunt for two escaped killers in new york. it's now focused just a few miles from the prison. >> we will go live to the search area for an update. coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" -- bulls were poked and proded to electrify the crowd. we are asking who has seen the video and was there any crime committed?
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
now to what's become one of the longest maximum security prison breaks in american history. >> federal and state authorities continue to comb the woods of upstate new york after two murderers escaped from the clinton correctional facility last weekend. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray joins us live. jay, police are now focusing their search just a few miles from where -- from the prison where they escaped?
5:55 pm
>> reporter: yeah, renee, jim, you're absolutely right. you can see the road block behind me. much of this area locked down at this point as that man hunt intensifies in that area about three miles from the prison an area where there's a manhole that many investigators believe was used by this pair to climb out to freedom. it's been going on since last night when bloodhounds, police dogs, hit on the scent of one or both of the escapees. they closed in on this area rushed in heavily armed teams, eight to ten officers at a time waited for sunrise and now they have been working the grid area there. the perimeter is expanding. we just learned that the last few minutes. and they say they are going to stay at it for awhile. i believe them because we have seen heavy equipment rolling through here that includes generators and large lights. it looks like they will light that area up and stay focused right there. >> jay, how many officers are involved in this search at this point? how much ground do they actually have to cover?
5:56 pm
>> reporter: you know they won't give us either of those numbers specifically. they do tell us way over 500 officers and we are talking local, state as well as federal agents. on the ground here and working. we have had k-9 units. we have helicopters in the air. they also won't talk about the amount of mileage they are covering here. we know they are searching across the lake in vermont. we know they have been along the canadian border. this is a wide search but right now, focused mainly on that area near the prison. >> thanks for your report jay gray reporting to us live today. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 -- >> the start of a potential heat wave and uncomfortable conditions are not going to get any better. glenn? >> absolutely not. if you thought today was hot, tomorrow is going to feel even hotter. the advisory you need to know about plus when we can expect our next chance for thunderstorms. some people chose to be outside. some people had to be outside.
5:57 pm
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mcdonald's asked me to remind you that their new sirloin third pound burger won't be around long. if you miss out, you'll never know how delicious 100% sirloin tastes. and that'd be a gosh darn shame. try any one for just $4.99. the sirloin third pound burgers at mcdonald's ♪ all new at 6:00 -- beaten
5:59 pm
and tortured, even kicked in the head. an animal activist group goes under cover at a south jersey equestrian park. we will hear from both sides of this rodeo cruelty investigation. but first, tied for the hottest day yet this year. >> the heat and humidity aren't going to get any better any time soon. a hot day, to be sure to be standing over a grill. nbc 10 found this guy making burgers at 25th and lehigh in north philadelphia today. the smoke and steam making conditions, well, even more sticky out there. >> wouldn't you like to be this? makes you want to run through the car wash to cool down. nbc 10 has team coverage of the uncomfortable conditions. >> let's start with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. tell us about it. >> we've got sunshine today and that's helped push the temperature into the 90s. we only had one other day in the
6:00 pm
90s so far this season. 92 degrees on may 31st. that's one of the reasons that it feels that much hotter because we're not used to this kind of weather. we have a should limit outdoor activities, drink a lot of water during that period. again, if this was the middle of july these numbers would not be so extreme. but because it's so early in the season, we're not quite used to it. 88 in allentown and reading now but still 91 in philadelphia and northeast philly. we're close to 90 farther to the south. so it's going to take awhile for those temperatures to go down. still in the upper 80s by 8:00 and 83 by 10:00. we will let you know how hot it will get tomorrow when we will see a break coming up with the seven day in a few minutes. nbc 10's tim furlong is live along independence mall and he caught up with several people sweating it out today.


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